Golden Guitar Studios – post 1

It’s November 10, 2013, a cool early morning in Chandler, Arizona.  This is the first blog of Golden Guitar Studios, the first blog this author’s done. What is a blog anyway?  This may be a learn as you go deal.   I’ll start  (arbitrary but logical?) with what GGS does / offers.

First, I offer guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons, and ukulele lessons.  Students come to me, or communicate via skype.  I also offer improvisation lessons, and theory / composition to people of all instruments.  It is such a treat to work with a vocalist or fiddler.  I pursue almost every style.  Classical, jazz, rock, blues, country, bluegrass.

Second, I perform.  Currently I play in a country / rock duo.  We gig a half dozen or so times a month.  I’m looking forward to working with a bassist doing jazz / blues.  We’re supposed to begin rehearsals this Tuesday. I also play solo classical guitar for almost every occasion you can imagine.  Third, I compose.  I have six tunes you can listen to on

There is a huge amount of subjects to discuss all tied together in this thing we call music, so it will be easy to talk about.  For the poor guy or gal who gets lost (because of strange twists in circumstances) and actually finds this blog and then actually reads it, I hope you come back again and read more.